Ex- situ plant conservation site

Ex situ conservation  of plant is a process of 26 conservation site protecting an species, variety or breed, of plant or outside of its natural habitat.

In Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark approx. 100000+ individuals of 300+ species are available


Local Name: Agaru , Agar, Sasi
Scientific Name: Aquilaria malaccensis Lam.
English Name: Aloe wood
Family: Thymeleaceae
Importance: Highly priced for its resin or agarwood. The species is “vulnerable” globally according to the IUCN red list.
Flowering: June
Fruiting: August
Leaf Category: Simple Untoothed Bark Texture: More or less smooth Flower Colour: white
Fruit form: Capsular

A large evergreen tree. Used in India as a perfume and a drug, also as incense. 




Local Name: Sal
Scientific Name: Shorea robusta Gaertn.
English Name: Sal tree
Importance: Good timber value
Flowering: March-April
Fruiting: May-June
Leaf Category: Simple untoothed Bark
Texture: Deeply fissured
Flower Colour: White
Fruit form: Dry fleshy

A large deciduous tree. A brown dye is sometimes extracted from the bark. The resin is burn for incense. 




Local Name: Titasopa
Scientific Name: Magnolia champaca L.
English Name: Champak
Family: Magnoliaceae
Importance: Timber yielding tree
Flowering: April-June
Fruiting: April-June
Leaf Category: Simple toothed
Bark Texture: Rough
Flower Colour: Pale yellow
Fruit form: Dry, Splitting open

Usually a middle sized evergreen tree. Bark ashy-grey or brownish 




Local Name: Gamari
Scientific Name: GmelinaarboreaRoxb.
English Name: Gmelina /Beechwood
Family: Lamiaceae
Importance: Excellent timber for furniture
Flowering: Feb-April
Fruiting: May-July
Leaf Category: Simple untoothed
Bark Texture : Pitted-Flaky, with shallow indentations
Flower Colour : Yellow
Fruitform: Fleshy

A deciduous tree. Bark dark grey or ashy. Wood greyish or yellowish white. 




Local Name: Segun
Scientific Name: Tectona grandis L. f.
English Name: Teak
Family: Verbenaceae
Importance: Good timber value
Flowering: July-August
Fruiting: Cold Season
Leaf Category: Simple untoothed Bark
Texture: Flaky-shaggy
Flower Colour: White
Fruit form: compounds & other kind

A large deciduous tree. 


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