Empowering the next generation of Eco-crusaders through education

Located in the forests of the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ School is ‘dedicated to inspiring the Eastern Himalayan community and promote the culture of interdependence’. Through the principles of Naturenomics™, Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ School engages people of all ages and cultures and ‘sensitises them to nature through practical activities’.

On 15 th May’18, we conducted a one-day Naturenomics™ Workshop with 16 students of Class X of Elite Academy, Balipara along with faculty, Principal Mrs. Sansad Begum and Vice Principal Mr. Shanti Vijay Chakma. Practical activities such as “jungle bathing”, “tree hugging”, “nature walks”, hands-on herbarium preparation, snake bite management course and study of the anatomy and physiology of plants were conducted.

During the anatomy and physiology class, students were given leaves of different plants and trees to observe and study the external features of monocot and dicot plants as well the internal features of leave like plant cells, chloroplast and stomata. They were given dried plant species to paste on the Herbarium sheets during the Herbarium preparation class conducted by Mallika Basumatari and Phulen Das.

Guided nature walks with Sangita Deka allowed them to explore the diverse flora and fauna through nature walking. And destressing through “jungle bathing” inspired by ‘Shirin-Yoku’, which allowed them to soak in the forest atmosphere and hugging trees, which helps strengthen the immune system, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and the risk of depression. Followed by a session conducted by Bikash Nath on Snake Bite management, where the students were taught that “not all snakes are friends, but some snakes are also friendly”. A touch of local culture was experience through the ethnic meal that was served to them at “Bhelaghor”.

Building upon the conversation on the importance of biodiversity conservation and to encourage tree plantation, the programme was concluded with the donation of two Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) saplings to be planted on the campus of Elite school. Amla, which is regarded as a scared tree in India and is worshipped as Mother Earth is believed to nurture and provide rich vitamins, is a diuretic, aperient, laxative and hair dye.

Students who participated in the programme were delighted to see the rich flora and fauna at the campus and were given a Naturenomics™ Certificate for successfully completing the one-day programme. The Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark is an ideal location for connecting with nature and enhancing knowledge and awareness on the interdependent relationship between botany and local communities. Students and the faculty had much to gain from the learnings and look forward to participating in more programmes in the future.

Through these programmes, we are empowering ecological crusaders of the next generation. The courses are designed to inspire the student’s imagination and curiosity and cover a variety of skills and nature learning from indigenous experts and communities who have accrued their knowledge over many generations. Combined with modern learning.

Summary of the Programme:

Total no of boy students Total no. of girl student No of teachers Total
7 9 2 18


To create a unique learning Experience combining Nature, traditional knowledge and new learning techniques to inspire a new generation of eco crusaders.

Principal Philosophy

  •  Exploring nature through engaging activities.
  •  Nurturing Nature to nurture our own futures.
  •  Effective nature related education programmes are designed to blend into our everyday lives.
  •  Reach out and connect to the earth and all that springs from it and learn the value of interdependence.

Nature Video Highlight

BFA 2018 Cultural performance by Tezpuriya Thespian
BFA 2018 Cultural performance by Tezpuriya Thespian
BFA2018: Cross-Country Preservation of the Eastern Himalayan Awardee- Three Generation Boatmen
BFA2018: Cross-Country Preservation of the Eastern Himalayan Awardee- Three Generation Boatmen
BFA 2018: Special Awardee Eastern Himalayan Sports Development Awardee-High Altitude Training Centre
BFA 2018: Special Awardee Eastern Himalayan Sports Development Awardee-High Altitude Training Centre
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