Elephant Family’s Elephant Parade in India


Image: Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla - Kali-doscope

1. General

India’s elephants are running out of space. Their battle for survival is affecting thousands of families across India. Between now and March 2018 a brightly painted herd of 101 elephant sculptures are making their way to Mumbai to shine a spotlight on the 101 elephant corridor solution.

2. The Parade

Top creative across India are transforming 101 white elephants into powerful pieces of art for the endangered Asian elephant. Elephant Parade is the world’s largest public art event for conservation and has been exhibited in 22 countries world-wide. The India Parade features work by fashion designers, architects, fine artists, tribal, folk and street artists who are working together to raise funds and awareness for Asia’s largest land animal.

Over the next 4-6 weeks the final sculptures will be finished and the full collection of elephants will take up residence on the streets of Mumbai in February 2018.

Together with our herd of 101 beautifully painted elephants we are poised to create mass awareness for Asia’s largest land mammal and draw attention to the 101 elephant corridors in need of securing across India.

3. About Elephant Family

Elephant Family exists to protect the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild. In the last 100 years, Asian elephant populations have plummeted by 90%. Wild habitat is shrinking at a rapid pace leading to an increasingly fierce competition between people and elephants for living space and food.

Since 2002 Elephant Family has funded over 160 conservation projects and has raised over £10m through public art events for this endangered animal. The charity funds the pioneering and determined conservationists in India and across Asia. Together we are reconnecting forest fragments, preventing human-elephant conflict and fighting wildlife crime.

4. Securing room for elephants and people (pop up)

To date Elephant Family has funded five corridors in India, which has involved the voluntary relocation of rural, subsistence farming communities.

In addition to the elephant corridor, fresh agricultural land has been secured for the affected communities. New homes equipped with electricity and running water have been built and livelihoods restored.

Elephant Corridors help people: Subsistence farming families, living in the danger zone in Assam were unable to grow crops as it attracted hungry elephants. Since their voluntary relocation out of the danger zone to safe new homes with new agricultural land paddy rice production has increased by 225%. Their children are able to reach schools and their homes have running water and electricity.

5. Recent events

Jaipur Preview
On 4th November a selection of elephant sculptures formed the finish line for the Travels to My Elephant Racers at The Albert Hall in Jaipur. They shone a multi-coloured spotlight on Asian elephant conservation and remained there for four days, attracting attention from all who encountered them.

Delhi Preview
On the 8th November TRHs The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attended a preview of Elephant Parade India at the British High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi. TRH's are joint Royal Presidents of Elephant Family and spent time meeting artists and admiring the Elephant Parade India collection.

6. Social media handles

Facebook: Elephant Parade Fan - https://www.facebook.com/elephantparadefan/

Instagram: Elephant Parade Fan - https://www.instagram.com/elephantparadefan/?hl=en

Author & Image Credits: Elephant Family


Nature Video Highlight

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BFA 2018 Cultural performance by Tezpuriya Thespian
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