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Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum, 2018

Rural Futures: Social-Environmental-Economic Interdependence

October 09,2018, Guwahati – Pioneers of the concept of Rural Futures in the Eastern Himalayas, Balipara Foundation announced the 5th edition of the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum to be held in Assam on 1st and 2nd November, 2018 at the Lily Hotel, Guwahati, at a pre-event media address at the Guwahati Press Club today.

The Forum, which is a multi-disciplinary platform for innovation and collaboration has been successful in creating tangible results on Rural Futures: Social-Environmental-Economic Interdependence in the region (also the theme of the conference) and will host over 600+ delegates from 14+ countries, who are conservationists, local communities, earth heroes, wilderness management experts, technologists, grassroots leaders, social impact organizations, educators, governments and key influencers from the field.

Talking about conversations at the Forum, Saurav Malhotra, Designer-Rural Futures, Balipara Foundation, informed the media that global think tanks will present cases studies and panel discussions on key components of the Rural Futures framework such as ethnography, human-centric- geology, ethnobotany, water and sanitation, education, mindful tourism, alternate financing, technology advancements, etc.,  and provide meaningful insights on prototypes, actions and solutions that are impacting community conservation from snowline to sealine.

“We have seen several key outcomes and resolutions emanate from the Forum, which have a direct influence on ideas and actions on ground leading towards Asian Elephant conservation, successful community conservation models and biodiversity audits. It also presents ample opportunities for networking, partnerships and direct multi-level, multi-state and multi-country conversations to build”, says Rituraj Phukan, Environmentalist and Secretary General, Green Guard Nature Organization. He further added, “Integrating an element of interactivity, last year, we took a water pledge with the attendees led by Priyanka Yoshikawa, Miss World Japan, 2016.

Dr. K.K. Sarma, Head, Assam Agricultural University, who also addressed the media highlighted that the Forum invites prominent speakers, organizations and thought- provokers and is an eclectic mix of movers and doers in the industry. Food Sovereignty Advocate, Vandana Shiva, Philanthropist, Diana Owen, Local Historian, Mark Davies, Media Guru Bittu Sahgal and organizations- Current Conservation, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Trust of India, Wildlife Trust of India, etc., are some of the key influencers and participating organizations this year. Local communities’ leaders from the Assamese, Adivasi, Bodo, Bengalese, Garo, Mishing, Nepalese, Nyishi, and Rajbongshi will also share their experiences and conservation story.  

6th Balipara Foundation Awards, 2018 on the evening of 2nd November, will recognize 13 new Earth Heroes, who put into action innovative solutions for ecological restoration and inspire others.  Experts across the globe have endorsed the Forum and Awards as a catalyst of change and the largest gathering in the country that is focused on highlighting the role of local communities in preservation of natural assets and their development to meet the 2030 United Nations Development Goals.

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BFA 2018 Cultural performance by Tezpuriya Thespian
BFA 2018 Cultural performance by Tezpuriya Thespian
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BFA2018: Cross-Country Preservation of the Eastern Himalayan Awardee- Three Generation Boatmen
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BFA 2018: Special Awardee Eastern Himalayan Sports Development Awardee-High Altitude Training Centre
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