Creativity Fuels Sustainable Actions

As part of volunteering programme at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, Eduardo Ausocua
from Spain uses his creativity to build an Earth friendly wall from glass & mud.

His experience in his words:

My stay at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, a community conservation site by Balipara Foundation, was one of the most remarkable moments of my trip to India. My stay was from end of June to the end July 2018. During this time, I could explore this amazing place filled with incredibly friendly people, lush green environment & pure nature. The heritage Bungalow is an attraction by itself with its majestic interior and old-world charm decoration.

During my stay I was able to make a small contribution to this fascinating place. I completed 2 glass bottle walls with the idea to inspire the local communities and visitors that it is possible to recycle and make something useful using local resources and a bit of creativity. The wall was built using only glass bottles and mud.

The bottles were cleaned & laid horizontally in the wall with mud. Although the whole construction could not be finished due to time and weather constrains, if what was built is preserved, it could stay there as a source of inspiration and motivate others to do the same in their respective villages. The same method of construction can be done using plastic bottles filled with trash, which are called “eco-bricks”. Bigger and stronger structures can be built using the same technique adding more resistant material like cement, clay, cow dung etc.

I would like to congratulate Balipara Foundation for their efforts and success and thank everyone enormously for their hospitality and care. May this place be an inspiration for other conservation actions all over India and the world.

May all being be happy!

Eduardo Ausocua

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