Conservation through partnership with local Communities of the Eastern Himalayas - Pakke Paga Festival 2017, Seijosa

Our trip to Pakke Paga Festival, the only Wildlife Conservation based festival in the North East was an unforgettable experience. Set amidst nature, this festival was a hub of information about conservation and the reality of the Wild. As a Foundation that focuses on participation with local communities to preserve & conserve the Natural Inheritance of the Eastern Himalayas, it was encouraging to see that the Government of Arunachal Pradesh & the Nyishi Community is working hard towards conservation of Hornbills and towards promoting Hornbill nest adoption. The festival was inaugurated by honourable Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rejiju, and other respected dignitaries from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Inspiring words from him motivated our team to further strengthen our Conservation efforts.

Naturenomics™ Bazaar displays ethnic products from the North East,Naturally dyed hand woven fabrics, Naturenomics™ Publications and ethic food at Pakke Paga Festival

Nature lovers, conservationists and experts from different sectors visited the festival. The local Community showed keen interest in our Naturenomics™ Bazaar and were inquisitive to know about the concept of Naturenomics™. We were happy to share and spread the word about our objective with them.

Highlights from the Festival

Cultural Music & dance group of Seijosa

Day 1 of the festival concluded with cultural programs by local artists and cultural troupes allowing us to experience the rich bio-cultural diversity of the Eastern Himalayas Day 2 included display of local food, games and competitions enabling interaction between our team and the local Community. During our interactions we learnt about NGOs that follow the concept of producing local organic food and spices as a result adopting organic cultivation methods & farming practices.

NaturenomicsTM team behind the Festival

Day 3- the closing day kick started with visit by more members from the local Community to the Naturenomics™ Bazaar and concluded with an interaction session between our team members and the local weavers of Vivekananda Training Centre. 

Vivekananda Training Centre focuses on development through culture - providing multi-dimensional –vocational, educational and Cultural training to women to teach them skills such as weaving, tailoring, knitting and others to be able to work and become economically self-reliant. We had an insightful discussion with the Centre about constraints faced by them to deliver continuous production and the challenges of adopting the latest techniques of weaving and dyeing due to lack of infrastructure & funding. From our conversations, we gathered that if proper training programmes are provided for upliftment of the design sector, texture and dyeing and to the women at the Centre, then the Centre is capable of generating sustainable products, which can be globally recognized and is common with our Foundation’s vision- ‘LOCAL TO GLOBAL’.

To sum up the experience, it was a partnership that helped foster our vision of Community, Conservation, Conversations & Actions and the feedback from the Community visitors that they see our Foundation as a Foundation with wide Naturenomics™ team behind the Festival coverage of North East Culture and their eagerness to know more about our work has left us humbled and grateful.

Keen visitors from the Community at the Naturenomics™ Bazaar

Naturenomics™ Publications - Water, Balipara Foundation Awards Case Study, The Kaziranga Inheritance, Impact & Progress report at Display

Nature Video Highlight

EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Mountain Futures & Ethnobotany, Jianchu Xu
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Mountain Futures & Ethnobotany, Jianchu Xu
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Communities,Conservation & Livelihoods
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Communities,Conservation & Livelihoods
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Nature Capital, Anirban Ghosh, Mahindra Group India
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Nature Capital, Anirban Ghosh, Mahindra Group India
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