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Celebrating Nature – 3rd edition of Pakke Page Festival

The 3rd edition of the Pakke Paga festival partnered by Balipara Foundation celebrated the role and culture of Nyishi community in preserving the Natural Assets in Pakke Tiger Reserve and other wildlife around Pakke. Balipara Foundation is rigorously seeking and focused on creating community-based conservation models in the Eastern Himalayas, that will encompass all human needs and one, which allows Wildlife to strive alongside- through our Rural Futures framework. The festival took place between 18th January to 20 January 2018 at a venue on the bank of the Pakke River bordering the Pakke Tiger Reserve for successful community conservation effort and Hornbill Nest Adoption Programme. 

The 3-day event had an array of cultural, environmental and social activities that allowed participants to understand the role that local communities play in conservation of our natural assets, experience the rich cultural heritage of the Nyishi community through their food, music, dance, relationship with nature and to learn about preserving nature through workshops and educational programmes. 

Balipara Foundation played an active role in the festival by financing the event and organizing Naturenomics™ workshops, awareness programmes and a cleanliness drive with the local student after the Event.  Through the Naturenomics™ Store, we displayed handicrafts made from bamboo and coconut shell, Elephant Country products and organic dye crafts and materials. With the participation of above 90 students as well as other visitors at the Festival, the organic dyeing workshop was a successful one.

Objective of Pakke Paga Festival

• To popularize the role played by the local Nyishi community and surrounding communities in conserving hornbills in Pakke

• To create interest and awareness amongst the visitors about the cultural and wildlife heritage of Arunachal Pradesh, especially of Pakke Tiger Reserve

• To create a unique learning Experience through workshops combining Nature, traditional knowledge and new learning techniques to inspire a new generation of eco crusaders

A detailed summary of the Event, its social, environment, economic impacts and highlights can be viewed at:


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