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Richard Belho, also known as the ‘Bamboo Architect’ runs Zynorique Initiatives, an architecture rm and organization based in Kohima, Nagaland along with Kezhagwetuo Peseyei that constructs eco-friendly structures and also provides training of employable skills to the youth of Nagaland. His architecture rm started in 2002, and it works towards promotion of sustainable construction and implementation of innovative and ecological architectural concepts. His motivation behind promoting Bamboo comes from his late uncle Norman Putsure, with whom he used to closely promote bamboo uses in Nagaland. He believes that Bamboo will be the future of material for construction and says that with sucient research and community involvement, it can also help in shaping of Rural Economy in India. Richard envisions for the future that Nagaland should be known for its organic food production, world-class bamboo prefabricated structures, skilled bamboo workers and also ‘Nagaland’ as a sustainable and well-known tourist destination. He is also a part of the Youthnet Plus and YI through which he hopes to empower local youth of Nagaland to bring about positive change the state and people of Nagaland & India.Some of his past works based on Bamboo include construction of Bamboo Pavilion at Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, Trac Contro Booth at Naga Heritage Villagein Kisama, Bamboo Cottage at NBRC in Dimapur, North East Stall at NE-AGRI EXPO site in Dimapur, International Stall at NE-AGRI EXPO site in Dimapur, Balcony at Nagaland University in Lumami, Oce Complex, CIH in Medziphema, Bamboo Structures, Bamboo Prefabricated Structures, Towers, Bridge and Cottage Accommodations and also Wild Duck Bamboo Restaurant at Eco Village in Tsiepama. Richard completed his graduation in Architecture from Businayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering from Bangalore. In 2015, he won the Balipara Foundation Naturenomics™ Award for his contribution towards an ecologically sensitive future for Nagaland. Richard aims to
supply prefabricated cottages all over India in 2016

Social Impact:

His organization has helped more than 600 youth from Nagaland with employment within the last decade. He has also helped impart benecial crafts and nature-based skills to local youth through his organization, by which he aims to inspire them to focus on raising awareness about the art and culturally rich state of Nagaland.

Economic Impact:

Richard has been promoting the use of Bamboo for use in construction and has also promoted its use for making Bamboo toys, bamboo-based jewellery items, hot pressed bamboo boards, cold press roong systems, bamboo cutters and prototypes for Commercial Production in Handicraft Sector among other utility items.

Ecological Impact:

His architectural principles work towards making use of bamboo instead of modern building materials for use in making homes and other structures. Use of bamboo is an ecological alternative in comparison to the concrete and stone-based building materials which
promote mining and extraction of natural resources. And they are also comparatively wee-suited to the landscape of Nagaland that is prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities.

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