Dr. K. M. Bujarbaruah is the Vice Chancellor of Assam Agricultural University and he is also a well-known Scientist and Academic with experience as the Principal Scientist and Joint Director of Nagaland Centre, Director of Research Centre on Mithun (Nagaland),
Ocer-on-Special Duty for NRC on Swine, (Guwahati, Assam), Director of ICAR Research Complex for Northeastern Hill Region, (Barapani, Meghalaya) and Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences), ICAR (New Delhi) in the past. He was also the National Facilitator
(Livestock and Fisheries), Sectoral Director of Jai Vigyan Project, Zonal Leader for ITK project of World Bank funded National Agricultural Technology Project as well as the Coordinator for FAO – India (Animal Genetic Resource Conservation and utilization).

Dr. K.M. Bujarbaruah is an alumni of ARS (Agricultural Research Service - 1977) and he has developed various models of integrated farming systems during his career. He is also involved in the research of domesticated animals like the mithun and pig. He also facilitated the release of Northeast Indian indigenous variants of rice, turmeric and tomatoes to the local markets. He also has a stronghold in the molecular research of ora and fauna of Eastern Himalayas. Dr. Bujarbaruah has worked towardsempowering and strengthening Northeastern India’s food demand with the help of modern agricultural technology. He organized the rst ever International Conference on Organic Farming - Northeast India in 2004. He also established for the rst time an e-village in Meghalaya for Agriculture-related information percolation to farmers.

Dr. Bujarbaruah has written and co-authored 132 research papers that have been published in peer-review national and international journals and 22 research/technical bulletins. And his work has also been published in various books, scientic reports, vision documents and strategy papers in both national and international platforms. Dr. Bujarbaruah is also the Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, during which he supervised and coordinated major programs through Agricultural Universities and ICAR Institutes. Dr. Bujarbaruah was also assisted in making bi-lateral programs with dierent countries on animal sciences. He has nurtured and mentored several academic students for their post graduate and doctoral studies. For his contribution towards interdisciplinary science related to animal husbandry and food, he was awarded the Food for Future Award by Balipara Foundation in the year 2015.

Social Impact:

His work on animal sciences and indigenous food in Assam has helped reduce food security concerns in Northeast India.

Economic Impact:

Dr. Bujarbaruah’s work has not resulted in directly bringing out positive economic impact, but it has contributed in promoting within-state local trade of food, and thus reducing dependence of food trade from other states.

Ecological Impact:

His work has helped in introduction of sustainable agriculture to more than 300 farming communities in Northeast India.

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