Case Study: Former Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Manipur, Haokholet Kipgen, Manipur

BALIPARA FOUNDATION LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD is given to an individual of legendary proportions. A Personality, whose life has been devoted to the ecological welfare of the people of the Eastern Himalayas and whose philosophy and purpose has been guided by the need to protect, restore and care for nature.

The Lifetime Service Award was conferred to Former Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Manipur, Haokholet Kipgen for embodying the core values of sustainable development through Foundation for Environment and Economic Development Services. The Award was presented by His Excellency President of Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay

Under the leadership of Haokholet Kipgen, FEEDS has adopted many innovative and unique community inclusive projects that makes the best use of our natural resources and brings into complementary relationship the needs of economic development with our living environment. The centre is of relevance not only to the Himalayan region and India but the world as a whole for its contribution towards development of Rural upland Agro-forestry, family base Tea Plantation, Commercial flower cultivation, conservation of orchids and extension service. The Center is the first in India to grow Emu in cold regions and the first in introducing Emu into North East. A major focus area for the organization is to impart education and facilitate rural livelihoods, skill training and capacity building for the millennials. In order to cope up with the prevailing deteriorating environment and economic conditions, FEEDS has introduced Silvi-Agri-Horticulture plantation to preserve ecology and improve economy of the region.


Vote of thanks

by Haokholet Kipgen,
President, FEEDS-Manipur

"I am truly blessed and honoured to be the recipient of "Balipara Foundation Lifetime Service Award 2017". It was indeed a proud moment for me and our organisation, and something I will cherish my whole life. I feel more humbled to realize that this grand award increased my responsibility and enlarged my horizon. To be a part of the conference organised by your organisation and the opportunity to be a panelist was a wonderful and a rewarding experience. I can't thank enough your organisation for all the good things I have received and experienced during the course of the conference. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gautam Mukhopadhya, a retired diplomat, without whom this would not have been possible (this might not be appropriate to mention here though). It was during his recent visit to our campus along with his family that I came to know about this organisation.

In addition to the prestigious award conferred upon me, I am gladdened by the expressions of "unstinted support by your esteemed organisation towards our future initiative and commitment to conserve and preserve the natural heritage", which also happens to be the motto of our organisation, and something we have been working upon for more than two decades. Preservation and conservation of nature and its habitat is need of the hour. This is a sensitive and global issue and a solution to this grave problem can only be solved if we stand together for this cause. All sectors of society must realise and accept this as a social issue and work together to save and conserve biodiversity. If we don't realise the importance and the need to conserve nature now, the earth may well be devoid of all life in a few years from now.

Foundation for Environment and Economic Development Services (FEEDS) since its inception, have been putting all efforts tirelessly through different central government funded projects to conserve  and preserve biodiversity, which in turn benefit economy of the local inhabitants and their well being. Over and above, people should go along with nature. Most importantly, we would be honoured to have you and your staff in our campus to have a glimpse of what we have done so far. Your valuable suggestions and advice would also be greatly appreciated. I truly hope that through our anticipated cooperation, we can scale greater heights, especially with regard to conserving and preserving the natural heritage of the Eastern Himalayas.

May there be more collaborations and cooperations among the scientific communities of the world to make our earth so fair, for earth is the only non-substance from which an responsible human can be made."


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