Balipara Foundation Report 2016

On the 5th & 6th of November 2015, we concluded the 3rd Edition of our Annual two day Conservation Event in Guwahati, Assam. These events were conceptualized around two distinctive varieties of mammals. The first is the largest of its type and the second the most intelligent. The first threatened and the second thriving. Both emotional and social creatures. Elephant & Man.

While the Elephant Talk Conference, as the title suggests, revolved around identifying the right ideas towards conservation, The Balipara Foundation Environmental Awards, sought to inspire by the telling of stories of our compassion, creativity & capacities that enable us to seek the lofty ideals of conservation.

We are certain that these small steps we have taken will lead us to the big ideas that we can see lies ahead. We see a future where these ideas will make conservation a creative process towards the expression of the unique human qualities that makes it possible for us to think, in the first place, that we can actually make a difference.

Elephant Talk 2015: Creating Drivers for Conservation

Delving upon the topics of corridor-connectivity, conflict resolution & long-term planning, Elephant Talk 15 created a platform for Governmental & Non-Governmental Agencies to get together and build consensus on Joint Long-term Planning. Participated by State Governments from 6 North Eastern States, the Government of Bhutan and more than 30 NGOs from India, Myanmar, USA, UK & Thailand, the forum discussed ways and avenues for a collaborative approach. Dynamic mentorship came from WWF India Secretariat, WTI, WCS-India Program and support from many other Organizations.

Balipara Foundation Awards 2015: Saluting Environmental Crusaders from The Eastern Himalayas

The Awards brought together some of the brightest and inspiring minds in biodiversity conservation and environmental Think-tanks to deliberate and come up with actionable solutions to restore the fractured biodiversity of the region. One of the primary objective of the Awards is to bring into focus grassroot conservation case studies and real life champions of the Eastern Himalayan Region. Since the inaugural Awards in 2013, Balipara Foundation Awards has been saluting and recognizing outstanding efforts towards biodiversity conservation and restoration in the Eastern Himalayan Region.

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Elephant Country Film
Elephant Country Film
Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere
Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere
The Story of All of Us
The Story of All of Us
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