Balipara Foundation Partners with Club of Rome to Discuss Building a Resource Resilient India


Balipara Foundation partners with Club of Rome to discuss building a Resource Resilient India at a conference held on 16th & 17th November’2017 at the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai, India. The Event focused on discussion on security of natural resources for all: The critical need for coherence in policies and actions.

The conference embarked on various debates under four themes – Resource Efficiency, Resource Inclusivity, Resource Security & Resource Use Impact.


Natural resources are an enormous blessings of our planet Earth that organisms use for their survival. However, these resources are spread unevenly. Which creates pressure on Nations. Urbanization and growth has brought increased prosperity, but often through inefficient use of our natural resources. It is therefore, pertinent to use our natural resources in a sustainable way to minimize impact on the environment.

India is blessed with many natural resources, it is the 7th largest country with 3.29 million of land mass the second most populous country in the world. Eventually, we don’t have equitable access to renewable resources, on the other hand, we have les stock of finite non- renewable resources that keeps decreasing with their rapid and over consumption. Therefore, a roadmap is required to make a resource resilient “Make in India”.

Outcomes & Impact

Speaking about pressing issues of our time including Food Security, Water Security and Security of Forests, Land and Soil, Founder Trustee, Ranjit Barthakur, spoke about the need for Rural Futures to build a Resource Resilient India. He mentioned that 65% of India’s population is still rural. “We need to go back to basic and support the rural population which protects our natural resources and find ways to measure the Social, Economic & Environmental impact of our actions”.

He emphasized on the need for democratization of information, creating social mobility & social impact investing as major themes towards that goal. Rural Futures, launched at the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum is a concept designed by Saurav Malhotra, Balipara Foundation. It is a human centric framework for community-based conservation. Through this framework we are trying to find a balance between human aspirations and natural assets.

The Club of Rome Conference addressed the different dimensions- ecological, economical and ethnological (i.e. social or cultural) associated with natural resources. Through the platform of the Conference, it envisions fostering debate and consultations for reduction in consumption of resources, more efficient use of existing resources, equitable access of existing and future resources, price volatility of resources, material recycle and resource and legal and policy framework analysis.

It promotes a distinctly Indian paradigm to address the most pressing concerns of India and the world, such as natural resources, forests, lands, soils, food, water, energy security, green economy and resource efficiency.

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