10 Point Resolutions Elephant Talk 2014

10 Point Resolutions

Elephant Talk 14

6 th & 7th November 2014. Guwahati, Assam

Creating Drivers for Asian Elephant Conservation


1. Asian Elephant Secretariat: Establish a regional Think Tank to drive the implementation of the major recommendations of Elephant Talk 14.

2. Transboundary Protection & Peace Parks: Enable trans-boundary protection and maintenance of biological diversity, of natural and associated cultural resources and the promotion of peace and cooperation by the formation of bilateral Peace Parks with the Asian elephant as a flagship species.

3. Captive Elephants: To promote the welfare of captive elephant and its management, establish a training centre for mahouts, and wildlife managers and vetinarians:

4. Asian Elephant Knowledge Center: To establish a resource/knowledge centre for elephants in order to preserve the rich legacy of elephants in culture and nature of the region.

5. Elephant Science: Bring back the focus on the managed Elephant range as a cornerstone for Wild Elephant Conservation through good science tempered with inclusive sociology, adaptive management and pragmatism.

6. Measurable Targets: Clearly defined objectives with measurable targets and systematic monitoring for achieving elephant conservation.

7. Enforcement Agencies: Coordination of enforcement agencies in India and with other countries to bring down illegal wildlife and elephant derivative trade (new trends observed by traffic) request by representation to both state and central governments.

8. Wildlife Protection Acts: Harmonize wildlife protection acts of India, Bhutan and Myanmar for elephant conservation to the extent possible.

9. Green Corridors: Protect, augment and strengthen green corridors at the Indo Bhutan and Indo Myanmar borders including using innovative tea garden management strategies.

10. Generation Next: Involve Generation Next in already existing programmes and through innovative programmes.

Nature Video Highlight

Ranjit Barthakur In conversation with Ajit Bhuyan, Xakhyat, Prag News (Part-2)
Ranjit Barthakur In conversation with Ajit Bhuyan, Xakhyat, Prag News (Part-2)
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DDK NE News (Day 2)
DDK NE News (Day 1)
DDK NE News (Day 1)
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