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4 years 2 weeks ago

Climate change is recognised as a significant man-made global environmental challenge. But the debate at this point is on the extent of it. Recent evidences suggest that the scientific consensus on many issues are debatable.

4 years 2 weeks ago

For almost 10 years between April 2002 and December 2012, there were no elephant deaths in this area. This was made possible by a scientific study, followed up by planned mitigation efforts.

4 years 2 weeks ago

The participants photographed rare species of butterflies like Bhutan Glory, which was also sighted multiple times by all the participants at different locations.

3 years 3 months ago

More than 200 new species of animals and plants have been discovered in the eastern Himalayas since 2009, according to a report published by the World Wildlife Fund earlier this week that indicates the age of zoological and botanical discovery is...

4 years 3 weeks ago

New construction of hotels and resorts shall not be permitted within 1km from the boundary of Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park.

4 years 2 weeks ago

A poacher turned wildlife defender is leading the way for conservation of the endangered one horned rhino at Assam's Manas National Park. His efforts have won hearts and awards over the last decade, the latest being the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife...

4 years 3 weeks ago

As their forest habitats shrink and villages edge closer, it's not uncommon for wild elephants in India to destroy crops and homes and sometimes even kill people.


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