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Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ School

Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School


Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School


Located in the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark the Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School is ‘dedicated to inspiring the Eastern Himalayan community and promote the culture of interdependence’. Through the principles of NaturenomicsTM we engage people of all ages and cultures and ‘sensitise them to nature through practical activities’. We encourage and empower local experts from the community around the Eastern Himalayan Region who know their surroundings to enhance the learning of our participants. The School presents a unique opportunity to learn about Nature through a combination of indoor-outdoor learning. Through the various programmes at the school students will have an opportunity to learn from the local communities and encounter the myriad perspectives on the interdependence between Nature and Economics.

Drawing inspiration from the on the people and ecosystems around us, we endeavour toward sustainable development. Our Philosophy is:

  • Exploring nature through engaging activities
  • Nurturing Nature to nurture our own futures
  • Reach out and connect to the earth and all that springs from it and learn the value of interdependence
  • Effective nature related education programmes are designed to blend into our everyday lives

Mission: To maximize involvement and participatory learning about the importance of interdependence

Objective: To create a unique learning experience combining Nature, traditional knowledge and new learning techniques to inspire a new generation of eco crusaders

Key Course Concepts: Community & Human Interdependence, Botany and Zoology

The Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School offers multiple courses including one day, one week and 8 weeks to students ranging from children to adults interested in understanding their environment and we hope to include specialised skill building learning experiences for Professionals, Botanists, Government officials, etc. The courses are designed to inspire the student’s imagination and curiousity, and cover a variety of skills and nature based learning from indigenous experts and communities who have accrued their knowledge over many generations. This is combined with modern learning techniques and technology will help students to gain an experience unlike what they learn in the classroom.

Since launching in October 2016 we have had 100+ students attend the one day on the biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas as experienced through the Nature Trail at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark. These students have included tourists, students and faculty from local schools, local communities, etc.

The faculty will comprise of Indigenous experts / Regional scholars / Experts / Guest lecturers according to availability and requirement of participants and faculty. Each student will receive an Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School certificate on course completion. The Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School is designed to promote the spirit of volunteering and community where local community homes and tribes as “schools” where learning is reciprocal and participatory.


Current offerings at the Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School include

Naturenomics School 1 Day Progamme

One Day Programme     View Details

Programme Details
Morning Circle Team Introduction
Plants around us About Plants, taxonomy, usage, etc.
Soil, Plant cycles Nursery Techniques
Uses of Natural Resources Organic Dyeing / Handlooms & Handicrafts
Student – Facilitator Interaction Q&A Session
Amazing EHBA Animals Animal including Insects
Our Flying Friends Birds and Butterflies
Project Environment Waste Management
Naturenomics School 5 Days Programme

5 Days Programme

Programme Details
Day 1: Plants Around Us Introducing taxonomy, plant identification & uses Herbarium Preparation Nursery Planting & caring techniques
Day 2: Birds & Butterflies Identifying Birds & Butterflies in the Botanic Ark Awareness workshop on Snake Bite Management
Day 3: Field Study Study Plants, Birds & Butterflies in Nameri National Park
Natural Resources and their Importance Organic Dyeing, Handlooms & Handicrafts
Day 5: Community Study Understanding Relationship between Communities & Botany
Naturenomics School Special Courses

Special Courses / Workshops

Workshop Details
Plants and Soil Nursery Techniques, Seed collection, soil preparation, organic fertilizer preparation and sowing
Plants Around Us Botanic Trail, Importance of plants, Herbarium preparation, Understanding plant taxonomy
Natural Resources and their Importance Organic Dyeing, Handlooms & Handicrafts
Amazing Animals: Our Flying Friends Bird, Butterflies, and Awareness workshop on Snake Bite Management
Project Environment Waste Management: Types of waste and strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle


Naturenomics™ School is organizing its special course on Bird expedition on 10th of March 2018. Faculties Mr. Jaydev Mandal and Ms. Somoyita Sur will be conducting the workshop at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark on the above mentioned date. Participants can be from anywhere, registration is through contacts mentioned in the flyer on or before 9th March. 



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