Sarita Dasgupta in conversation with Rajeev Goyal @ EHNF 2016

Sarita Dasgupta in conversation with Rajeev Goyal @ EHNF 2016
Rajeev Goyal, Director, Vertical Univrsity, KTK belt speaks to Sarita Dasgupta on the work of, his passion and vision for the "vertical University", KTK-Belt, Nepal and its objectives.
  • Building an indigenous knowledge portal, a video platform where farmers share their knowledge on plants and it uses; to conserve this knowledge and disseminate it to the world; 
  • Transforming lands to on ground learning centers to tackle land grabbing that displaces farmers and shrinks land holding sizes. 
  • Lending support to the local communities by buying these pieces of land and putting them away into trusts as local learning grounds; 
  • Using design to impart physical education along with the existing school curriculum in Nepal that empowers the young generation to get involved and be in touch with nature.
  • Inspiring every child in Nepal to be aware and proud of its rich bio-cultural diversity and at some point developing eco-tourism. 
EHNF was a 2 day session that brought together individuals, institutes, government bodies and ministries to speak on Asian Elephant Conservation and honour the ecological champions, who contribute to protecting the biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas. The Event took place at Vivanta by Taj, Guwahati on 8th & 9th Nov'16.
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