Namami Brahmaputra

Namami Brahmaputra
Namami Brahmaputra


Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum 2017

Photo Credit: Jeevan, Courtsey Pixabay

The distinctive richness of the Eastern Himalayas can be attributed to its colorful biodiversity, numerous niche ecosystems, and vibrant communities. Understanding the dynamics, structure, and functioning of these systems adds an enormous complexity to not only their conservation and restoration, but also in engaging stakeholders and finding innovative long-term solutions.

P.J. Simmons : Waterspeak in Naturenomics™5.0

P.J. Simmons, Chair, Corporate Eco Forum

Business risks relating to rising water scarcity are rapidly escalating worldwide.

Naina Lal Kidwai : Waterspeak in Naturenomics™5.0

Naina Lal Kidwai, Director, HSBC Asia Pacific and Chairman, India

Lack of access to water has serious implications on the life and health of women. Addressing this lack of access requires a mutli-pronged approach that will address issues of availability, quality, access and wastewater disposal.

Mark R. Tercek : Waterspeak in Naturenomics™5.0

Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature's Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature

As our population and economies grow, already-stressed water sources will face unprecedented pressure.

Shyam Saran : WaterSpeak in Naturenomics™5.0

Shyam Saran, Former Foreign Secretary and Chairman, National Security Advisory Board

This is a most timely and much needed book that will help raise awareness about the loomin threat we face as a nation and indeed the world from our indiscriminate and thoughtles exploitation of the most precious of natural resources, Water. The book also reÅ ects a spirit o optimism and conÄ dence as it demonstrates how there are technologies and tried and teste policies which can enable us to meet the looming threat and, in fact, lead to a more sustainabl and productive future.

Gary E. Knell : WaterSpeak in Naturenomics™5.0

Gary E. Knell, President and CEO, National Geographic Society.

We live on a beautiful, blue, watery planet. But less than one percent of Earth’s water is fresh nd accessible to us.

Sir David King : WaterSpeak in Naturenomics™5.0

Sir David King, UK Foreign Secretary's Special Representative for Climate Change

Globally, one of the major implications of a changing climate is a change in the hydrological cycle.


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