Rescue of the Indian Rock Python, found roaming in EHBG

Python rescued in EHBG by team

Team effort at Balipara Foundation helped rescue the Indian Rock Python, approx 8 ft. It was found roaming in Eastern Himalayan Botanic Gardens and was released in Nameri National Park safe and sound. Forest Department acknowledged the effort and gave certificate of appreciation to the proud team.

Habitat mapping of monocled cobra and snakebite management in Sonitpur district

Balipara Foundation team conducting community based conservation and snakebite management through various awareness programs.

The project emphasizes on community based conservation and snakebite management through various awareness programs. Additionally, scientific inputs including phylogenetic study of the monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) and others species are also associated following proper channels.

Plea to focus on other species also at Kaziranga

Guwahati, Dec. 20: Kaziranga belongs not only to the rhinos but to other species, too.

This is the direction the Wildlife Institute of India has asked the national park authorities to take, paying greater attention to the conservation of tigers and other species.

The institute, in a report on the management effectiveness evaluation of tiger reserves in the country, said the management of Kaziranga tiger reserve was largely rhino-centric and all the attention, efforts and publicity were aimed only at rhinos.

Indian Rock Python rescued in Ri Bhoi

Nongpoh: An Indian Rock Python was rescued from Nongtyrlaw village by local residents of Mawsyntai village and subsequently handed over to forest officials of the wildlife department in Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh. According to the rescuer, one Thorne Raja, a resident of Mawsyntai village, the python was sighted in Nongtyrlaw village while he was engaged in earth excavation work using his JCB.

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