Creating Drivers for Asian Elephant Conservation

Asian Elephants in the Wild Conference, 2015 resolved to secure Trans-boundary Elephant Corridors & strengthen Cross-boundary relationships for the welfare of Asian Elephants.

Case Study: Nimesh Ved

Under Nimesh Ved’s leadership, Samrakshan, a non-profit organization has been working towards conservation education and capacity building for over a decade. His organization has collaborated with local communities to secure the Balpakram-Baghmara landscape which is now identified as a top priority elephant corridor. He also undertook staff training and surveys to help establish the Tokalo Wildlife Sanctuary, which was subsequently notified. His undying perseverance in providing and taking conservation education to the remotest corners of the Northeast is truly commendable.

Gunter Pauli’s visit to Balipara Foundation

Gunter Pauli’s visit to Balipara Foundation on 7th November, 2015 along with Ranjit Barthakur & Gita Dutta, Project Lead

KAZIRANGA – Our Natural Inheritance - A Case Study Of A Success Story

An Indian rhinoceros lies dead with its horn missing at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga and the great Indian one-horned rhinoceros are synonymous. The very name ‘Kaziranga’ inspires awe, pride and deep respect in the minds and hearts of the Assamese people. This floodplain is a child of the Brahmaputra river. Here Rhinoceros unicornis is making its last stand in a mosaic of incredible ecosystems that fall in the Indomalayan Realm.

The book traces the conservation history of the Park. It also highlights the threats faced by the rhino today and reminds us of those who lived and died to protect the wild beauty of Kaziranga. In Kaziranga, you can hear the trumpet of elephants, the call of the hoolock gibbon, and the display of amorous Bengal Floricans.

Call of the Himalayas

With nature’s clock ticking fast, we face an emergency situation. It’s time something is done about the irreversible damages and changes to the magnificent Himalayan environment and ecosystem

QUANTUM LEAP: Taking action on global warming

India has finally announced a set of goals it intends to achieve on the environment front in order to ward off adverse impacts of global climate change.

Bye Bye Elephant Corridor, Hello Golf Course?

Assam's endangered elephants are facing a bigger threat than being killed by poachers. A boundary wall built inside an International Elephant Corridor is keeping the animals from food and water. Four elephants have already died trying to cross over the wall.

North East butterfly meet in Bornadi

Butterfly lovers across the north eastern region are waiting for October 25. The spotlight is set to fall on Bornadi wildlife sanctuary in Udalguri district.


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