Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Lisa Mills - Part 3

In this segment, Lisa Mills defines her collaboration with Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network to create Elephant Friendly Tea. For Certification programmes specific to being Elephant Friendly and aligning with Tea Estates to implement these. She speaks about the challenges and successes from the collaborations with the Tea Industry.

Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Lisa Mills - Part 2

In continuation, she stresses on the need for education on Wildlife Conservation to begin from schools to help the younger generation to be aware and involved in these efforts from the beginning.

Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Lisa Mills - Part 1

Lisa Mills, Elephants on the Line, an Elephant conservationist & educator speaks to Wasbir about the declining numbers of Elephants and the challenges of habitat de-gradation. She speaks about Elephant conservation success through education for the new generation and to provide the best of community & science to give to the Elephants. 

Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Ranjit Barthakur - Part 3

In the last segment, Ranjit Barthakur speaks about the challenges faced by the Government in adapting to innovations and disruptive technologies that support eco-conservation. The shift in the conversation from focus on Elephants to focus on Rhinos as the existence of Rhinos is equally threatened. The need to expand grasslands for Rhino existence and its clash with the growing human population and for a conflict interdependence resolution.

Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Ranjit Barthakur - Part 2

In continuation to their conversation, Wasbir & Ranjit talk about Elephant Country and Elephant Friendly tea in this segment.

Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain: Ranjit Barthakur - Part 1

Talk time with Wasbir Hussain in conversation with Ranjit Barthakur talking about the rich biodiversity of the North East and the creation of business out of nature,which can lead to building a bio-diverse economic nation. He emphasizes on interdependence between nature and economics, the concept of Naturenomics™, pioneered by Balipara Foundation, that creates models & proves that through nature and small community projects we can kick start an economy based on nature. 

Sarita Dasgupta in conversation with Rajeev Goyal @ EHNF 2016

Rajeev Goyal, Director, Vertical Univrsity, KTK belt speaks to Sarita Dasgupta on the work of, his passion and vision for the "vertical University", KTK-Belt, Nepal and its objectives.
  • Building an indigenous knowledge portal, a video platform where farmers share their knowledge on plants and it uses; to conserve this knowledge and disseminate it to the world; 
  • Transforming lands to on ground learning centers to tackle land grabbing that displaces farmers and shrinks land holding sizes. 

Sarita Dasgupta in conversation with John Roberts @ EHNF 2016

John Roberts,from Thailand's GTAEF, talks to Sarita Dasgupta about Elephant Tourism, the importance of Mahout Training and sensitizing them to the psychological and emotional needs of an Elephant and building a bond.


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