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All Nuclear Power Fans, learn from this tiny village in ladakh, light years ahead

This tiny village in Ladakh might be frozen in time, but its initiative to harness renewable energy has led to all-round empowerment

How a 2 hectare forest in Bangalore’s heart has lowered temperature and raised its water table

The summer temperatures in Bangalore this year have been cause for particularly high concern among its residents, with some claiming that daytime temperature shot up to 41 degrees Celsius one day in April. This summer has surely felt hotter than most old Bangaloreans remember them ever being.

Phek Town Declared as Plastic, Smoking Free

Nagaland MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu on Friday formally declared Phek Town as plastic free, smoking free and an eco-friendly town. The declaration was part of Clean-Green Operation initiated by Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS).

'Bionic' leaf that turns sunlight into liquid fuel

A team of scientists from Harvard University has created a unique " bionic leaf " that uses solar energy to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, and hydrogen-eating bacteria to produce liquid fuels from CO2.

Dubbed "bionic leaf 2.0," the new system can convert solar energy to biomass with 10 percent efficiency - a number far higher than the one per cent seen in the fastest growing plants.

Army shows eco-friendly way to fight mosquitoes

Army's GAJRAJ Corps in Assam's Tezpur observed World Environment Day on Sunday launched "Go Green" initiative by releasing large number of mosquito larvae eating fish (Gambasia affinis) in various water bodies in the Military camp area. 

This is an eco-friendly way of avoiding harmful chemicals for killing the mosquitoes and control mosquito borne diseases. 

Sikkim government bans styrofoam cutlery

Sikkim which sets the benchmark for maintaining cleanliness has taken an extra step in trying to ensure that they eliminate as many health and environmental hazards from the state. The government has now decided to  ban the use and sale of all disposable items such as cups, plates and all food packaging items made out of styrofoam.

Sikkim restricts mineral water bottles in govt programmes

GANGTOK: For effective waste management in an eco-friendly manner, the Sikkim government has restricted the use of mineral water bottles in government programmes and banned the use of foam food containers all over the state.

In two recent notifications issued by the home department, the government said there has been rampant use of packaged drinking water during departmental meetings and functions which is creating a huge piles of garbage that adds to the burden of the landfill.

Victory for Nature, Loss to Fossil Fuel Era

It was a victory for Christina Figures the UN climate chief, for having accomplished nearly 200 nations sign the Climate Change agreement in end of fossil fuel era. Ranjit Barthakur, Founder Trustee had the privilege of presenting her the Water Book along with MR Ramaswamy the Founder of Corporate Eco Forum, in June 2015.


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