Radio collars to study migration behaviour of Kaziranga elephants

Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF), a Bangalore-based organization in collaboration with Balipara Foundation has initiated a programme to carry out a study on the migration behaviour in wild elephants in the Kaziranga National Park through the use of radio collars.

The Terrible plight of Indian Elephants

At first, I don’t believe they are living, breathing animals. They seem like statues, or stuffed exhibits in a museum – 57 of them, studded around a patch of scrubby forest.

Asian Elephants in the Wild: Elephant Talk 2015

The Elephant Talk Conference was conceptualized to create positive divers towards Asian Elephant conservation in the North-Eastern Region of India and bordering states. Following up on the Inaugural Event, Elephant Talk 14, we present to you the 2nd Edition of the Elephant Talk Conference 2015.

Asian Elephants in the Wild: Elephant Talk 2014

Asian Elephants in the Wild: Elephant Talk Conference 2014: It was the biggest congregation of environmentalists, conservationists, scientists, researchers, geographers, wildlife managers ever assembled in the North East to deliberate & ponder upon the future of wild elephant populations in India, Myanmar, and Bhutan.

Human Elephant Conflict mitigation study in Assam

The Proposed Study will be aimed at developing Community Based Conflict Mitigation Strategies across 6 Geographical Locations across the State of Assam. Rapid & Focused Surveys, Interviews and Demonstrations with communities settled on the fringes of these Protected Areas and data gathering from Forest Departments and involved NGOs, the study will reproduce the following....

Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation in Hattigor TE, Udalguri Dist

Elephants don’t acknowledge borders that divide forest, but as forests become fragmented and migratory routes disappear, how do we sustain elephant populations in the future?

Conservation Planning for Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape

Conservation Planning for Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape
Google Image of the Landscape, with the 50+ km long National Highway 37 dividing it.

Under this project, we are evaluating the use of corridors by elephants and tracking their movements through GPS collaring to determine the minimum area required by them in the hill region during the season of floods in order to plan for habitat protection.

Balipara Foundation collaborates with Proff. Raman Sukumar to study Elephants in Kaziranga

Balipara Foundation has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF) of Bangalore to study migration behavior of Asian Elephants in the Kaziranga - Karbi Anglong Landscape.


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