Eastern Himalayas

Biodiversity - 2nd stop: the Eastern Himalayas

Biodiversity - 2nd stop: the Eastern Himalayas

Himalaya or “abode of snow” in Sanskrit stretches over 2400 km long and 250-400 km wide. This mountain range covers an area of ​​approximately 600,000 km² area lies between the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan plateau in south-east Asia.

The Himalayas is home to the highest peaks of the world (14 in total rising to over 8000 meters including the highest, Mount Everest) and contains unparalleled biodiversity, a wealth which holds of exceptional neo-morphological conditions the region.

Eastern Himalayan forests turning brown: Study

Eastern Himalayan forests turning brown

NEW DELHI: In what appears to be another grim outcome of climate change, a study has found that forests in eastern Himalayas are gradually 'browning', with trees withering and foliage declining even during productive seasons. Similar changes were noted in tropical mountain forests across the world.

10 Point Resolutions Elephant Talk 2014

Asian elephant

Asian Elephants in the Wild Conference, 2014 resolved to establish and build an online Asian Elephant Secretariat to collaborate Conservation efforts & knowledge Bank on all things Elephants.

Balipara Foundation Report 2014

Balipara Foundation Report 2014

Project commenced on 17th October 2014 OBJECTIVES WERE

  •   Create and expand social media channels for both

  •   Create a buzz within a short span of time

  •   Ensure followers

  •   Encourage followers to talk about these causes

  •   Educate and sensitise the online visitors 

Balipara Foundation Report 2013

Balipara Foundation Report 2013

The Balipara Tract and Frontier Foundation (BFFF) has been documenting, analysing and promoting the concept of Naturenomics for over a decade now. It seeks to bring the objective of economics in line with the imperative of nature. 

In recent years, Balipara Foundation has been encouraged by the fact that the idiologies expressed by us decades ago have won acceptance among economist and corporates globally. The inaugural Balipara Foundation Awards was held at Guwahati on April12, 2013.


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