Case Study

Khanchendzonga Conservation Committee (KCC)

In 1996, out of shared concern for the sensitive biodiversity of the rich Khangchendzonga mountain ecosystem, the community-based Khanchendzonga Conservation Committee (KCC) was born in Yuksam in west Sikkim. A tight, solid team of wildlife enthusiasts, community leaders, students and teachers, KCC is devoted to protecting and conserving the ecosystem with a well thought out, multi-pronged approach. They organize environmental education programmes to educate the rural masses and the youth, the future flag bearers of the community.

Case Study: Panchan Lakhar Community Conserved Area Management Committee

The local communities in and around forests are the real stakeholders and are best equipped to protect the forests and its wildlife and their involvement is extremely crucial. The villagers of the Kharman and Kyalegteng in Arunachal Pradesh are a testimony to this fact. In 2011, these villagers, inspired by the idea of Community Conserved Area approached the Tata Trusts and WWF – India for technical and financial support in demarcating 85 sq. km. of Unclassed State Forest land as the Pangchen Lakhar Community Conserved Area (PLACCA).

Case Study: Achintya Kumar Sinha

Achintya Kumar Sinha began his career with the Indian Forest Service when he joined the Tripura Rehabilitation and Plantation Corporation Limited (TRPC) in 1989. During his tenure at the Divisional Forest Office, Ambasa, he involved the forest staff, a local youth group and the Voluntary Health Association of Tripura to revive a patch of deforested land. This was probably Northeast India’s first ever Joint Forest Management (JFM) project, making Tripura the eighth Indian state to embrace JFM.

Case Study: Ritwick Dutta

Ritwick Dutta’s love for India’s wilds manifested early in his life and an insuppressible urge to protect those very wilds led him to become an environmental lawyer. Having a degree in sociology, a law degree from the University of Delhi and a Diploma in Environmental Law from the Centre of Environmental Law, WWF – India, he believes his true training and understanding of the scenario came from travelling extensively around the country.

Balipara Foundation Annual Awards

Every year since 2013, Balipara Foundation remains inspired to bring the stories of a few people that have and are contributing to conserve and preserve this pristine region and all the myriad life forms it supports. If you know of anyone whose story deserves to be told, we would like to hear it.


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