Turned a barren land into a 1,360-Acre lush green forest

While for most of us, maintaining a small home garden is a herculean task, this man here single-handedly planted and nurtured a whole forest.

Balipara Foundation Awards - 2013

The Balipara Foundation, has been documenting, analyzing and promoting the concept of Naturenomics for over a decade now. It is time that the public at large too is made aware of the connections upon which their own quality of life and security depends. We believe strongly that people who have devoted their lives to the defense of our natural treasures should be honored. That has been the chief motivation in instituting the Balipara Foundation Awards.

Biodiversity Conference

Balipara Foundation is a trust working towards nature conservation and sustainable development of the community. As a part of our mission, we are organizing a national level Biodiversity and Social Security Consultation titled "An Earthy Vision". The theme of this consultation is "Optimizing Biodiversity and Social Security in Indian Mining Areas".

Indo - Myan Biodiversity Park

The Proposed Park is located within the Eastern Himalayas Biodiversity Hotspot and covers an area of 35664.66 km2. India & Myanmar share a 1643 km border. Out of the 11 Forest Areas that the Park will connect, 2 are located in India and 9 in Myanmar. The Indian part of the border contributes 5.91% or 1991.42 km2 whereas Myanmar contributes 94.09% or 33673.24 km2 to the Biodiversity Park. All 11 forest reserves are located in an almost straight North-South line with the Khakaborazi National Park at the Northern end and the Mount Victoria National Park at the Southern end.

Conservation Planning for Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape

Conservation Planning for Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape
Google Image of the Landscape, with the 50+ km long National Highway 37 dividing it.

Under this project, we are evaluating the use of corridors by elephants and tracking their movements through GPS collaring to determine the minimum area required by them in the hill region during the season of floods in order to plan for habitat protection.

Balipara Foundation collaborates with Proff. Raman Sukumar to study Elephants in Kaziranga

Balipara Foundation has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF) of Bangalore to study migration behavior of Asian Elephants in the Kaziranga - Karbi Anglong Landscape.

Indian Rock Python rescued in Ri Bhoi

Nongpoh: An Indian Rock Python was rescued from Nongtyrlaw village by local residents of Mawsyntai village and subsequently handed over to forest officials of the wildlife department in Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh. According to the rescuer, one Thorne Raja, a resident of Mawsyntai village, the python was sighted in Nongtyrlaw village while he was engaged in earth excavation work using his JCB.

10 Point Resolutions Elephant Talk 2014

Asian elephant

Asian Elephants in the Wild Conference, 2014 resolved to establish and build an online Asian Elephant Secretariat to collaborate Conservation efforts & knowledge Bank on all things Elephants.


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