Naturenomics Series

Naturenomics™ 6.0 (2016)

Naturenomics series 6

The Eastern Himalayas represent a very unique ecology. There is a very wide variation in the flora and fauna in the Himalayan zone because of the very steep ascent in the terrain in a very short distance.One moves from the sub-tropical to the temperate to icy desert in a very short spatial distance and this has spawned a very rich and rare bio-diversity which is a veritable ecological treasure house.

Naturenomics™ 5.0 - Water Book

Naturenomics series 5

The book captures various aspects of water: Its availability, role in nurturing life and nature and its relationship with religion, celebrations, culture and entertainment. Use and abuse of water, socio economic effects of drought and floods, poisoning...

Naturenomics™ 4.0 Vol I & II

Optimizing Biodiversity and Social Security in Indian Mining Areas An Earthy Vision. Our fourth publication, "Naturenomics™ 4.0 Vol I & II " details what it would mean for industries to embrace Naturenomics™ in practice.

Naturenomics™ 3.0 (2009)

3rd publication "NaturenomicsTM 3" is focused series of case studies of real diagnostics and implementation done on various green initiatives across various verticals in Indian Industries.

Naturenomics™ 2.0 (2008)

"Naturenomics™ 2.0" takes a step further to address the need for a changed economic model to address the changing circumstances of overuse of our Natural Resources.

Naturenomics™ 1.0 (August 2007)

Naturenomics™: Nature and Economics - Nurturing Interdependence, is a compilation of thought pieces by various leaders, focusing on the inter-connected issues of food security, water security, energy security and finally environment security.

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