Naturenomics™ 6.0
4 months 1 week ago

The Eastern Himalayas represent a very unique ecology. There is a very wide variation in the flora and fauna in the Himalayan zone because of the very steep...

Naturenomics™ 5.0 - Water Book
5 months 3 weeks ago

The book captures various aspects of water: Its availability, role in nurturing life and nature and its relationship with religion, celebrations, culture and entertainment. Use and abuse of water...

Naturenomics™ 4.0 Vol I & II
5 months 3 weeks ago

Optimizing Biodiversity and Social Security in Indian Mining Areas An Earthy Vision. Our fourth publication, "Naturenomics™ 4.0 Vol I & II " details what it would mean for industries to...

Naturenomics™ 3.0
5 months 3 weeks ago

3rd publication "NaturenomicsTM 3" is focused series of case studies of real diagnostics and implementation done on various green initiatives across various verticals in Indian...

Naturenomics™ 2.0
5 months 3 weeks ago

"Naturenomics™ 2.0" takes a step further to address the need for a changed economic model to address the changing circumstances of overuse of our Natural Resources.


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