Sikkim government bans styrofoam cutlery

Sikkim which sets the benchmark for maintaining cleanliness has taken an extra step in trying to ensure that they eliminate as many health and environmental hazards from the state. The government has now decided to  ban the use and sale of all disposable items such as cups, plates and all food packaging items made out of styrofoam.

The use of styrofoam which is not being disposed of properly throughout the state has caused accumulation of waste which the government has taken notice of. Styrofoam of expanded polystyrene form is a non bio-degradable substance which is widely used for making disposable cups, plates and food containers. Styrene which is present in the styrofoam is also said to have adverse effects on humans.

Other states should also learn from Sikkim who have made it a mission to ensure that their environment and surroundings remain clean and green.

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