Plan B 3.0 "Mobilizing to Save Civilization" in Hindi

Introducing Lester R. Brown book Plan B 3.0 "Mobilizing to Save Civilization" in Hindi on 12th June, 2008 at New Delhi.

In his book, Brown points out that the answer is not in asking ourselves "What do politicians think is politically feasible?" but rather "What do we think is needed to prevent irreversible climate change?"

This is not Plan A: business-as-usual. This is Plan B: an all-out response at wartime speed proportionate to the magnitude of the threats facing civilization.

In the Plan B energy economy, wind, Brown proposes, is the centerpiece. It is abundant, low cost, and widely distributed; it scales easily and can be developed quickly. The goal is to develop at wartime speed 3 million megawatts of wind-generating capacity by 2020, enough to meet 40 percent of the world's electricity needs. This would require 1.5 million wind turbines of 2 megawatts each. These turbines could be produced on assembly lines by reopening closed automobile plants in the US, much as bombers were assembled in auto plants during World War II.


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