Indian Rock Python rescued in Ri Bhoi

Nongpoh: An Indian Rock Python was rescued from Nongtyrlaw village by local residents of Mawsyntai village and subsequently handed over to forest officials of the wildlife department in Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh. According to the rescuer, one Thorne Raja, a resident of Mawsyntai village, the python was sighted in Nongtyrlaw village while he was engaged in earth excavation work using his JCB.

After capturing the slippery monster, Raja kept it in a cage at his residence to protect it from being harmed and then alerted officials of the wildlife department who then came and took charge of it.

A team of wildlife officials of the forest deparment led by Wanphai Lyngdoh a forester took charge of the python and are now on the way to release it back to the wild at the Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary in the same district. "The Indian Rock Python is approximately 12 feet in length" Lyngdoh said after preliminary examination.

Expressing gratitude to the rescuer – Thorne Raja for the benevolent deed, the forest official further urged other residents of the district to desist from killing wildlife while reminding that it is a direct violation of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

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