Case Study: Thingnam Girija

Thingnam Girija’s love for flowers and children is evident through her work as a teacher working with autistic children. But it is her lifelong passion for flowers that led her to create a one-of-its-kind website along with Dr. Tabish Qureshi, a physics professor at Jamia Millia. The duo undertook this endeavour when they realized that there was little to no information available online about India’s floral heritage. The project took the duo across the terrains of north and northeast India to photograph and study flowers. They, then painstakingly put together the website. Today, this is an ongoing community project, a forum for flower enthusiasts across the country to send in photographs and information. All the work behind maintaining, upgrading and contributing to the website is done on a voluntary basis, with a sole purpose of disseminating information. Thingnam was also awarded the Young Achiever Award in 2010 in New Delhi by the North-East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER). For her exceptional initiative, Thingnam Girija was awarded The Balipara Foundation Young Naturalist Award.

Impact: Creation of knowledge bank and world class, first of its kind website on Flowers of Eastern Himalayas. An encyclopedia with information and photos of more than 1000 species with over 10 years of research.

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