Case Study: Rohit Choudhury, Assam

Using a combination of the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) and litigation before the National Green Tribunal, Mr. Rohit Choudhury has highlighted several violations of law with respect to environmental issues in Assam before the courts over the past decade. He have been able to get significant decisions from the National Green Tribunal for protection of the Kaziranga National Park, Manas Tiger Reserve and surrounding areas by implementing No Development Zones, exposing illegal expansion of highways and large-scale deaths of wild animals and ensuring protective steps on the National Highway-37 to minimise road kills. Mr. Choudhury has also worked to stop polluting industries in the No Development Zone around Kaziranga. As a researcher with the EIA Resource and 

Response Centre (ERC), which is a program of Legal Initiative of Forest & Environment (LIFE), his principal focus is to creatively use the provisions of the RTI Act and the National Green Tribunal in protecting areas of vital ecological concern. In addition to focusing on North-eastern states, Mr. Rohit Choudhury has also assisted communities across the country in ensuring accountability and transparency in environmental governance. 

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