Lakshmi Agriculture Multipurpose Project (LAMP) is a composite farm established way back in 1978-79 by late Dr. Hemen Dutta. It is situated in the village of Pabhoi in Sonitpur district of Assam covering around 12 hectares of land. Various farming activities like scientic sheries, sh seed eco-hatchery and indigenous breeding of local sh varieties as well as ornamental shes, takes place at LAMP. Neelam Dutta, the proprietor of LAMP, works on the motive of increasing productivity, availability and aordability of agricultural products. Neelam begun working on agriculture and related projects from the age of 17, and has been exploring related eld like sh rearing, sh breeding, paddy cultivation, exotic vegetable cultivation, organic manure and bio-pesticide production. Neelam is also involved with the Assam Agricultural University through MOU, towards research based propagation ofecient agricultural practices. He is also a well-known consultant in India in the Organic Agriculture Domain. Over the recent years, LAMP has diversied into Dairy, Nursery and Bio-Research as well.Neelam has played an active role in providing knowledge and training consultancy to farmers and institutions. LAMP also provides onsite consultancy to farms, sheries and nurseries inproductivity and practice issues. Neelam has been awarded in
both state and national level for his contribution towards the eld of organic farming.

Social Impact:

LAMP grows dierent types of indigenous (Indica and Japonica) and high-yielding varieties of rice (Joha, Kumol, Bora and Aijongsaul).

Economic Impact:

LAMP’s diary has steadily been growing in its capacity and productivity since its inception.

Ecological Impact:

LAMP follows and promotes organic cultivation of common and exotic varients of crops. LAMP also makes use of vermiculture hatcheries instead of chemical fertilizers for increasing productivity in it’s agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops. Highlight of LAMP has been sh production.

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