Wildlife poaching incidents were on a high in 2012. Floodwaters and rampant poaching of Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicorns) was deeply concerning issues to Assam’s Wildlife. This was the time when the Government initiated an investigation by Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and also strengthened the Forest Protection Force with high-caliber arms. During the same time KAPD took stern steps to combat rhino poaching in Karbi-Anglong District adjoining the southern part of Kaziranga.

A long history of one-horned rhino poaching in Assam inuenced KAPD to work dedicatedly towards wildlife crime. Hard work and honest ocers with their wide network of informants and countless hours of eort nally brought KAPD their breakthrough when they arrested seven individuals in Roja Pahar Area, Assam when they were involved in the poaching of a rhino on the 13th of October 2012. Following which seven more poachers were arrested by KAPD with possession of an AK-47 rie and 303

Economic Impact:

KAPD’s work has not directly resulted in economic impact, but their crackdown on wildlife trade has helped reduce the wildlife trade activity in Assam.

Ecological Impact:

KAPD’s eorts have directly resulted in securing the population of the existing One-horned rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park and neighboring areas. KAPD’s contribution in controlling the wildlife trade and crime managed to damage the network of poachers, middlemen and buyers. The overall number of poaching cases has also gone down since the KAPD’s involvement.

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