Case Study: Hong Village Community, Ziro Arunachal

One of the few people in the world who continue to live in harmony with nature, Hong Village Community’s’ methods of sustainable farming and social forestry is without a parallel anywhere in this world. Settled in Ziro, one of the most beautiful Himalayan valleys in India, the Village Community remains proud of their traditional history while maintaining a balance with the changing world. Built on flat lands, the farms where the community practice wet rice cultivation along with pisciculture, is an epitome of efficiency. The Viilage Community even use the elevated partition bunds between rice plots to grow millets. Using nature-friendly and sustainable techniques alone, they have successfully conserved forests around the valley, which serve as water sheds for streamlets flowing down to irrigate your fields. Their simple bamboo huts perched on top of vertical wooden stilts force us to rethink our consumerist approach towards living.

It is truly impressive how the community have used traditional methods to attain what modern machines and systems have been unable to!


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