Case Study: Deben Bora, Assam

After joining the Jakhalabandha Police Station as the officer-in-charge in 2014, Mr. Deben Bora have been on a single-minded mission to thwart rhino poaching attempts in the Kaziranga National Park.  Realising that the Burapahar and Bagari range were poaching hotspots, Mr. Bora developed effective mitigation measures relying on his experience. He organised awareness meetings in villages near poaching-dominated areas, deployed armed personnel on National Highway 37 to keep a watch on poachers coming from Manipur and Dimapur and arranged for 15 village defence parties for highway patrolling. Mr. Deben Bora deserves the credit for apprehending more than 130 poachers and recovering ammunition from them. It was under his leadership that the Assam police conducted search operations in Manipur and Nagaland for the first time sending a stern message to poachers that these places were no longer safe havens for them. 

Mr. Bora have gone beyond his line of duty time and again because he firmly believes that the coming generations should see the one-horned rhino in flesh and blood, rather than in museums or books of extinct species.

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