Called as the Godfather of Conservation in Bhutan, Dasho Paljor J. Dorji has had a distinguished career with the Royal Government of Bhutan, serving three kings in the capacity of Magistrate of Paro District 1969-1972, High Court Judge 1972-1974, acting Chief Justice of Bhutan 1974-1985, Chief Justice of Bhutan 1985-1987, Deputy Minister for Social Services 1988-1991, Ambassador to the United Nations and European capitals 1991-1994, Deputy Minister to the National Environment Commission 1994-1997. Dasho is also the Founder of the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature in Bhutan (RSPN), Bhutan’s First Environmental NGO and the Founder President of the Bhutan Ornithological Society as well as the Bhutan Ecological Society launched in the year 2010. He is also the Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, also accredited to Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, EU (Brussels), IFAD (Rome), and FAO (Rome). Dasho initiated the Bhutan Trust Fund and also facilitated multiple environmental conservation eorts in the country. At present, Dasho serves as a Special Advisor to the National Environment Commission under a Royal Command from His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

Social Impact:

Dasho helped in improving lives of local communities in and around Protected Areas. Ecological Impact: Dasho was involved in promoting and encouraging various conservation eorts in Bhutan. He encouraged research studies and conservation- based conferences in Bhutan. Dasho was also involved in fundraising for the wildlife conservation work in Bhutan. He helped in the setting up of various environment-based NGOs for the welfare of wild animals. He has attended and spoken in various environment and conservation- based conferences to support and promote the biodiversity of Bhutan.

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