Case study: BINOD BORA

Binod ‘Dulu’ Bora is a key member of the Green Guards Nataure Organization in Assam and he has dedicated his life towards wildlife conservation and rescue of wild animals from illegal trade. Bora specializes on human-wildlife conict matters in Assam, especially the ones involving Asian elephant conict mitigation and managing of straying leopards. His organization works on mitigation plans to deal with human and elephant deaths caused during interactions in the Nagaon-Karbi Anglong landscape. Bora aims to create sensitization among local communities towards wildlife and has worked for more than 15 years in this eld. In 2014, he was awarded the Conservation through Innovation Award by Balipara Foundation for his dedicated contribution.

Social Impact:

Bora takes initiative and interest in interactions between schools, teachers and students to talk about conservation issues, importance of biodiversity and on how to contribute towards wildlife. He also undertook a project entitled ‘Sensitization of Fringe Forest Communities along the Nagaon- Karbi Anglong Border’. He organizes camps for local community members to interact and discuss on elephants and wildlife so that they understand the biological importance of the landscape. He has organized wildlife awareness oriented photo exhibitions for educational institutions. And he has helped facilitate blankets and other resources to local communities that stay in forest fringes of Karbi Anglong.

Ecological Impact:

Bora assists his team in carrying out alternative livelihood programs and rehabilitating ex-poachers, snake charmers and other local community members who used to rely on exploiting nature for a living. He is also a part of several wildlife awareness programs in and around the Karbi-Anglong Landscape. He leads the survey team that identies and documents the biodiversity-rich areas in Assam and Northeast India. Bora also participated in the ‘Street play for Conservation of Greater Adjutants in 2013’, organized by Aaranyak NGO. He was also a part of the team that carried out plantation of ‘Bhimkol’ banana (local variant of Banana) and jackfruit for elephants in the forests and foothills of Karbi in barren areas or places aected by jhum cultivation. The collection of jackfruit seeds and banana stumps were done with the involvement and contribution of local community members of the landscape. Bora headed an initiative to put up informative signboards of important fauna to raise awareness in the Karbi-Anglong landscape which was supported by the TINA grant. Bora has also been involved in heading multiple rescue operations of wild animals that have been stranded in human settlements.

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