Bano Haralu is a retired and revolutionary television journalist with an experience of more than two decades in Doordarshan and NDTV. She then begin her pursuit to promote wildlife conservation in and around India. She has been involved in working towards conservation in Nagaland since 2010. And she has been instrumental in raising awareness for the Amur Falcons that were being hunted at an alarming rate by the local community in the state of Nagaland. The falcon would gather in staggering numbers during its migratory route stopover in the northeastern state, while ying towards Africa from Eastern Asia. And she was one of the rst few people to document the mass-hunting issue of Amur Falcons besides Ramki Sreenivasan(Conservation India) and Shashank Dalvi (Centre for Wildlife Studies).

The organization, Nagaland Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Trust (NWBCT), which she started and is also the managing trustee, has been involved in Amur Falcon Conservation, Conservation Education, Bird guide Training and also in carrying out Biodiversity Surveys in Nagaland. For her contribution to the eld of wildlife conservation, Bano was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award by Balipara Foundation in 2014.

Social Impact:

She has supported local communities in getting livelihood opportunities in Nagaland by promoting bird guide training programs through NWBCT. Economic Impact: Bano’s contribution to wildlife conservation and local communities has not had signicant impact in an economic stance, but it has otherwise has brought about positive changes to the lives of the people in Nagaland.

Ecological Impact:

Bano initiated and spearheaded the Avian and Wildlife survey for the government, which was later published as the ‘Birds of Nagaland’. She also formed the Nagaland Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation Trust (NWBCT) in 2013 and serves as its managing trustee. Her organization, NWBCT has also helped carry out conservation education programmes in Nagaland.

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